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Welcome to the Library featuring all original content - continuously updated.
It is designed to give you:

- Knowledge
- Inspiration
- Frameworks around money & life.

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Happy reading - Tom! 

Financial Checklist

Financial Checklist

Viking symbol

Learn from the Vikings

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Ominous clouds 2024 ?

Night Flying

What night Flying taught me

Life planning

Do you plan your life

Money habits

Five Money Habits

Flying over the Arizona desert

The most Awesome mistake

Money Allocation model used in Household finance 101

Money Allocation Model

Article about investing into your debts

Invest in your debt!

Life Paths Open to us

Hacks to grow your money

Hacks to grow your money

Budget for financial clarity

Financial Clarity

Two great books on finance

Two Great Books on Finance

Depition of snowball effect when investing

Two Financial Moves for 2024

Metaphor for financial independence

Financial Independence

How to cut a family budget

How To Slash a Family Budget

Four types of wealth

The Four other Types of wealth

Resource Appendix, Household Finance 101, By Thomas Hoy-Nielsen

Resource Chapter, Household Finance 101 

Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Venn diagrams about couples and money management

When Couples Fight Over Money

Money is a game

The Money Game

Emergency fund

Emergency Fund

Tactics of the millionaire next door

Tactics of the Millionaire Next Door

Navigating money and time

Money and Time

Benefits of real estate investing

Real Estate Investing

Health savings account

Health Savings Account

Debt holds you back

The Smart Way to Save Dollars

Relationship between Sp 500 and global liquidity

Future Stock Market Returns?

About balance transfers

Balance Transfers?

Components of personal finance

What It's Really About...

S-corp and Solo 401K


Sp500, 50 year view

Stock Market Investing

Example of reframing an economic situation


Cash is king

Cash Vs Warranties

Nine Financial Frameworks

Nine Financial Frameworks

Focus on how much you have left in your budget, not how much you make

Best Money Advice I ever got

The Story Behind the Story

Nine mental money-models

Nine Financial Circuit Downloads

About selling

What are you Really Selling?

Budget tool for personal and business

New Budget Tool for Solopreneurs

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