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Simple Steps to Financial Freedom...

✔ You establish a "scorecard" of your finances.

☑ what comes in / out?
☑ Cost to run "Household LLC"?

✔ You turn the "scorecard" into a "spending plan"

FROM "How things are" 😨😭

TO "How you want things to be" 😀😍

💡 This spending plan must have a surplus. That you use to:

✔ Build emergency fund, 1-3K.
✔ Pay off expensive debts.

💡 Paying off expensive debts,
equals a guaranteed return in proportion to the interest saved.
💡 This will be one of the best "investments" you will make.

✔ Without expensive debts holding you back, you turn your emergency fund into a Freedom Fund, able to cover 3+ month of living expenses.

🛑 Because it is expensive to be poor, when bad stuff happens.
✅ Because it gives you breathing space, should you need to change jobs, or invest in yourself.
✅ Because it is great to borrow from yourself at zero interest.

✔ Now you are on a sound footing and can invest into the markets.

☑ It is important into which tax deferred accounts.
☑ It is important into which type of investments.
☑ But the MOST important is to set it on auto-pilot.
☑ ...And to keep it simple and low-cost.

💡 Your spending plan will tell you what can be transferred into your portfolio. (10-20% of your paycheck is a good starting point)

☑ In the beginning your investments grows mostly by you contributing earned dollars.

🎁 But later the magic slowly begins.

☑ That is when your investment begins compounding as returns are re-invested. Now your dollars are working for you.

💡 You reach financial independence when the life that makes you happy can be covered from sources other than work:

✅ Investment returns.
✅ Guaranteed pension. (government / corporate)

💡 This does not mean you stop working if you love what you do - but it means you have the freedom of choice.

❤️ You have achieved Financial Independence.
❤️ And well before that - you are enjoying incrementally more freedom.

Financial Freedom
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