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What Are You Really Selling?

There is often a difference between what we think we are selling versus what our customers are actually buying.

This is hardly revolutionary – but here is my story of how this insight completely changed my business. 

Many moons ago I owned a carpet cleaning business.

I thought I was selling a carpet cleaning service, so that is what I advertised.
..... 3 rooms for x price kinda thing.

But something was missing. There was a disconnect. Between what I offered and what my customers TOLD me they got. So I started to listen in.

After a job was complete, Customers would often use words like “I feel cleaner” or the “house feels cleaner” … or some iteration of “clean + feeling”.

So I began to mirror what they were ultimately buying in my marketing messaging. Sales went up.

Of course, I wasn’t the only carpet cleaning operation who figured this out, so I dug deeper - asking customers what really got me in the door in the first place, aside from pitching a desired outcome.  


No one really wants to be home when their carpet is cleaned. It is noisy, chemicals are sprayed, and the dog is uneasy. They’d much rather be somewhere else and come back to a dry carpet

……… But can they trust the company?

Once I realized that trust was the precursor to sell them a “clean + feeling” – everything changed. Now I understood the vehicle to deliver the outcome.

This prompted yet another refocusing on my brand and marketing.

What I found here was interesting – the outcome could be communicated best via words, whereas the vehicle was communicated best through design.

In either case I adopted a less is more approach. Kept the messaging simple and direct while cleaning up the design by reducing the number of colors and font. Sales accelerated.

But wait... you are not a business or marketing coach ?

Correct - I am a financial coach who often work with professionals and business owners - but income is a crucial part of the "financial equation".

So we address that too.

Income begins with selling, and selling begins with understanding your customers modus operandi.

So - What are you selling – really?

What are you really selling
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