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How to get financial clarity... so you can make great decisions

Personal finance is all about clarity and direction.

- Not just income.
- Not just expenses.

These are merely bricks in the puzzle.

Welcome to my financial organizer - "Household LLC"

Here is how clarity came to Frank & Lisa (names changed)

So what can we see:
💡 - That they are ending the year 8K in the green.

💡 - That they are 2k in the red for the month of July (vacation)



💡 - That they can afford the vacation because the surpluses of prior months have them covered.

(Net Balance)

💡 - That their biggest expense is housing at 31%. (Lower end).

💡 - And 18% goes to Transportation. (average).

---- But we can do so much more 💥

✅ Options for adding one-time incomes/expenses in specific month.

✅ Use custom names for all categories and line items. (make it yours)

But the best part:

✅ We can tweak and experiment with all categories, and see how different choices affects our financials in the future.

✅ We can game out possibilities, dreams... and we can see what may be standing in the way, where we are suffering financially and what needs to happen.

This is where the magic happens, the "what if's" and "Aha moments"

This tool comes in two versions - identical and easy to use on Excel.

1) The version called Household LLC - services individuals and families.

2) A business version where you seamlessly can move between your Business and Household finance, using tabs, and where the Business Net Income auto-transfer to the household sheet as an "income" line.

I can set this up for you - and teach you.
Then it is yours forever and after.

The clarity you get will save you headaches and a significant amount of dollars... because now you can see clearly and navigate with vision.








Budget for financial clarity
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