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The smartest way to save dollars…


You go through a lifetime buying all sorts of things on credit. estimates that individuals spend close to $280,000 during a lifetime – just on interest and related fees. ⛔

Here is the thing….

💡 You somehow manage to pay all that off…. (unless death, jail or bankruptcy)

💡 So you CAN afford all THAT + INTEREST.

The only difference is impatience between saving up first - versus - mortgaging future paychecks.

AKA taking on a loan. 

Sure..... student loans / mortgage is something we need to finance, or we'd enter mid-life before any of that. Besides they generally offer a return / inflation protects.

But what about the rest… ❓

It’s all about starting early or starting now.
✅ Buy your next car cash (yes there will be sacrifice...initially)

✅ Buy every gadget and experience using cash. (you will enjoy them more because there is a special kind of vetting when committing your own dough)

You do this for a few years and the savings in interest and “would be installments” really begin to tally up, funding the next car, the next gadget and the next experience.

✅ Everything becomes cheaper, by not paying interest/fees.

✅ Soon you reach a level where you can afford the same as everyone else, but without raiding future paychecks.

💡 Once you have reached that plateau and can bridge the "impatience gap", your wealth grows exponentially faster than otherwise.

💡 It takes time upfront, but in the end you save more time later.
Time that has a clean title.

💡 It’s not about NOT having or NOT doing – but about cutting out the middleman who preys on your impatience and cunningly understands, that once you have confiscated enough of your future paychecks, you will keep coming back for more.

Do you want a fresh start? Turn the ship around ?

Then book a complimentary strategy call.

Debt holds you back
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