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Download These 9 Files to Your Financial Brain Circuits ….


Frameworks and Perspectives are everything in personal finance.

Here are 9 Files you can download into your financial consciousness:


Download 1. META SETTING

This update facilitates the ability to see yourself from outside yourself - the 10,000 ft. view. When you can see yourself in a much bigger context, it becomes easier to navigate in the big scenery of life: themes, stories, trajectories.        


Download 2: THE FUTURE

This update enhances your awareness of a timeline and its progression.

The future will arrive. Unless you plan to die, you must plan to live. You will still be you. How do you want to be and feel, which circumstances do you wish for.



This update helps you determine which of the brains competing circuits is in charge. They were developed over millennia serving different priorities. From fight/flight to abstract thinking. Understanding your “many-brains-in-one” and the inherent dis-harmony, is key to managing your personal finance. 


Download 4. BACKUP POWER

This update gives you a keen sense of having spare capacity. An emergency fund = a freedom fund. It keeps you out of temporary poverty and gives you better options all around and less stress in life.   


Download 5. DEBT

This update makes you naturally averse to debt accumulation.

Debt is future paychecks pulled forward in time and artificially made available for instant consumption. If not careful, these future confiscated paychecks pile up, keeping you on the treadmill, slowly killing your soul.



These are short scripts about money vs time.

Money can free up PRESENT time = Pay off debt.

Money can free up FUTURE time = Buy assets.


Download 7: EXPENSES

This short code facilitates a keen sense of recurrent vs one-time expenses. Re-current expenses – even small ones - are usually the “gotcha”. This script will prompt you to add up all recurrent expenses: daily, weekly, or monthly to one yearly expense so that you can compare across the board.  


Download 8. MAKE vs KEEP

This is one of the most important updates. It gives you instant focus on how much you keep vs how much you make. What you keep is the results of many components from spending to tax strategies.



This short script explains the mechanics.

An investment grows in two ways: Through contributions (external) and through compounding (internal). Initially the investment grows mostly by contributions, but later compounding becomes the main driver. This is the goal.      



(Full program is available HERE

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