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That it is merely a service where you learn how to:

1️⃣ Budget
2️⃣ Pay off debt
3️⃣ Save dollars

✅ While these items are absolutely par for the course (..and much more)

💥 The real target is the transformation that happens when the coaching leads you to:

✔ Establish operating standards across your financial life.
💡 Keep you safe, avoid hassles and methodically build wealth.

✔ Formulate a "destination" 3,5 and 10+ years out your time line.
💡 "If you don't know which port you seek, no wind is favorable" - Seneca

✔ No longer waste money impressing other people.
💡 The most valuable financial skill = not caring what other people think.

✔ Connect with your future self.
💡 You will still be you - how do you want to be and feel, under which circumstances?

✔ Embrace that financial independence is an incremental path to feeling happier - much more so than the car you drive or the size of your home.
💡 Studies show that people with little control over their time, for instance, - when, where, and with whom they work, - have lower happiness scores. This is not about hours worked, but the difference in having choice on your side.

✔ Learn about, recognize, and bring into motion your five types of wealth.
💡 Monetary - Physical - Social - Mental - Time.

In the end, it's a game of time - a life well lived, navigated with purpose.

Components of financial Coaching
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