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New Budget Tool to Keep Solopreneurs Sane

Professionals and small business owners tell me that one of the biggest challenges is to figure out:

💲 How much they can pay themselves each month.

💲 How to estimate business profit for tax purposes.

💲 Have a simple tool that categorizes and compartmentalizes

their income and expenditures - all in one place.

☑ So I build a budget for that
(ok ok, - had help from a civil engineer with an MBA - psst...I made sure it is super easy to use. )

One budget - with two tabs. One tab takes care of the business income/expenses the other tab is your private budget.

Net income from the business budget is automatically transferred to your "Private Tab" as income. (here you can add other incomes as well)

Several graphs and charts will give you the big picture.
The budget covers a 12 month period so it estimates forward scenarios, not just month by month. This makes planning so much easier.

The budget is highly customizable so you can make it "yours". It is not book-keeping software, but a tool for your clarity, strategy ...and sanity.

GOODBYE confusion. HELLO clarity.

If you are interested to learn more - book a Free Strategy session. A no-nonsense, no-salesly, real talk about money.

Budget for personal and business finances
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