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  • Q: Tell me more about the Money Fit Program and the guarantee you offer.
    A: The Money Fit Program is an ongoing program with a lot of flexibility build in. Each month includes 3 sessions plus in-between session support. People have different challenges and needs when it comes to personal finance. A pay-as-you-go model offers flexibility and puts you in charge while allowing me to tailor the program to be more effective. Some people will only need a month of coaching if they mostly need help with the technical stuff of saving, managing, and budgeting. Sessions during the 2nd month will typically address foundational strategies around taxes and investing, but also keep check and accountability on current progress, shorter term goals, and proactively deal with any challenges. Sessions during the 3rd month are the most individually tailored, often relating to longer-term goals or specific challenges with money behaviors or beliefs. Whether you have completed your first, second or third month, you always have the option to continue with individual sessions, that can be used as occasional check-ins or deal with specific subjects. The whole point is flexibility that works for you. GUARANTEE: You can opt out of the program at any time. Sessions paid for, but not used, will be refunded in full. My goal for you is to quickly see change and be excited about how the program is changing you and your financial outlook. Anything less is simply not good enough. -------- Individual sessions are non-refundable.
  • Q: What kind of clients does Nielsen Financial Counseling typically work with?
    A: My typical clients are busy individuals, often professionals and small business owners. While they may not be living paycheck to paycheck, they know they could be doing much better, and often lack clarity around their finances as well as financial goals.
  • Do you offer retirement planning, investment advice, or tax services?
    No - All of the above require professionals like a Certified Financial Planner or a Certified Public Accountant. My job is to get you to a place where you: a) Have more funds to invest. b) Have a foundational knowledge around investing and how the tax code can be beneficial. c) Have a 5,10 and 20 year plan for your life, so that investing towards it, makes perfect sense and is just par for the course.
  • Q: What is the most common challenge people have with finances?
    A: It is not having a system for allocating incoming dollars as well as a relaxed relationship with debt. Typically it is not lack of income that is the root cause, but more often an accumulation of debt payments confiscating an otherwise fully sufficient income. I also see a lack of “money skills” or having clear “money goals”, as a challenge.
  • Q: Do you offer in-person counseling or only online?
    A: I do mostly online sessions, but if you live in Tucson, we can arrange to meet at my location in Oro valley.
  • Q: How long is a session?
    A: 60 min Officially 60 min. If something important is being wrapped up and there are no schedule conflicts on either side, I'd rather have a session finish "naturally" than on the dot.
  • Q: Do you offer a free consultation?
    A: Indeed - please book a Complimentary Strategy Session It is an informal "meet and greet" where you can ask questions. This is not a sales call, rather, on my end, I want to be sure that my skill set matches the transformation you are looking for as well as any particular challenges.
  • Q: What are your credentials?
    A: I am an Accredited Financial Counselor, Candidate - (AFC®), and also the author of “Household Finance 101 – Your Flight Plan to Financial Independence” (available on Amazon). I have two formal educations, one as an Airline Transport Pilot, and the other as a 3-year degree in business administration. I also have extensive professional experience in areas of small business, start-up/ management as well as in investing and managing residential real estate. But honestly, my superpower is that I am good with people and numbers, and can explain things using easy-to-understand frameworks. On occasion, I may, with your approval, connect you to counselors who have special expertise in a subject, in order to serve you better. In that selection, I value real-world, proven experience, over formal credentials. Having said that most counselors I refer to, have professional experience in areas like accounting, financial planning, finance, and business.
  • Q: What about confidentiality?
    A: I treat our conversations and any submitted paperwork with the utmost confidentiality. Any notes, printouts, or online questionnaires will get properly deleted /shredded after our engagement.
  • Q: Where can I learn more?
    A: I regularly publish on LinkedIn. Also, visit or bookmark my Resources page.
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