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Meet & Greet


Before booking a service, consider scheduling a Meet & Greet call. During this informal chat, you can ask questions and we can address how we might work together.    

Meet & Greet

Investment:  3 Month $499

Investment:  6 Month $749*
 * Split into two payments ($499 +$250)

Time: 3 Month =  5 sessions  

Time: 6 Month =  8 sessions  

Included: Custom-made Budget, Household Finance 101 e-book, and in-between session support. These programs are backed by a money-back guarantee. (see FAQ)      

3 – 6 Month Money Fit Program

The Money Fit Programs will teach you life-changing financial skills that will continue to serve you long after
our engagement.

  • Learn how to budget like a pro – the easy way.

  • Get educated on taxes & investments and stop leaving money on the table.   

  • Identify and set goals 3, 5, and 20 years out, so that it all makes sense.

  • Learn how to allocate dollars in ways that are meaningful to you.

  • Begin the journey toward financial independence
     lots of support. 

3 – 6 Month Money Fit Program

Individual Sessions

These sessions are essentially pay-as-you-go financial coaching. Create your own program, or use as check-in's after an existing. Maybe there are topics you want to address? Buying a home, starting a business? Let's talk!        


Investment:  $99

Included: Household Finance 101 e-book.

Individual Sessions

Investment:  $225 


Time: 2 sessions

Included: Custom-made budget, Household Finance 101 e-book, and Summary of action points going forward.

Discovery Session

The Discovery session offers you a detailed and fine-tuned budget that gives direction and clarity.

During the two separate sessions, we uncover your goals and formulate actionable strategies that will take you there.  

Discovery Session

Annual Check Up

The Annual Check-up will give you a clear sense of your current financial health.


It is akin to an annual physical at your doctor's office. Instead of blood pressure and cholesterol, we look at financial key metrics relating income, debt and savings. We synthesize those numbers into a plain talk about where you currently are financially and if we see any red flags.   


Investment:  $149


Time: 1 session

Included: Household Finance 101 e-book, written summary of key metrics.

Annual Check Up
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