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There are games playing out in life that we are all in… no choice.

You don’t have to learn how to play the trumpet.
…Or knit Icelandic sweaters.
…Or play hockey.

But you are in the enterprise of life, where the game of money plays out.

You are an income earner, a taxpayer, a household member, and a provider for yourself or someone depending on you.

Later you will require funding for a substantial number of your later years.

It’s a lot to navigate.

…And most of us were never taught by school or parents. Yet, we are in the game.

When did someone last audit your skills, then made you better?

What is the cost of not staying proficient and operating your finance 10, 15 or 20% below potential. Not for a year, but year after year?

Do you have the right tools and systems in place – thinking in the right frameworks?

What course are you flying, where to? Which stories do you tell yourself?

This is what I do as a financial coach. I will teach you to be better at the game you must play.

I encourage you to book a strategy session – Let’s talk about money and figure out specific action points for 2024.

Gmae of money
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