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Money and time are brothers. Intricately linked.

For a good portion of our life, we trade 1/2 of our awake time for money. Early on it is easy and makes sense. We are time billionaires. Need to learn a craft, need to support ourselves, a family? We build and grow. Busy in the engine room of life.

One brother leads.

Then mid-life and beyond arrive. Wealth has grown but time waned.

The brother of time becomes restless. He understands that aging is not linear, he understands time and pleads: “Let me take the lead now”.
At what point on our timeline do we begin to prioritize time over money, and ask ourselves how do we really want to spend it, with whom, where, and under which circumstances?

We’ve never done this journey before, there is no manual, and once it’s over we can’t go back and re-organize.

It is easy to get stuck in acquisition mode – the daily commute, the paycheck, the 401K, and a few weeks of vacation. And it is equally difficult to change the paradigm toward withdraw mode – when money begins to serve its ultimate purpose, to free up time. No longer to be traded.

It’s a personal decision and there are no clear answers. But consider the framework. Consider a plan that you can get excited about. Build a “destination”.

Tell a really great story about where you are headed.

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”
                    - Seneca.




Navigating money and time
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