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To plan or not to plan....

Do you plan out your life - is it even possible?

Some claim having plans or goals is nonsensical because:

- We constantly evolve and grow.
- Takes the fun and wonder out of life.
- "Man plans, God laughs" - we have no control anyway.

How about this:

Different areas of life can be planned to varying degrees from merely a "Direction" to "Meticulous planning".

- Money and finance should be planned as should an education or business launch.


- Life goals should be oriented toward - a direction picked.

I plan my finance - a spreadsheet or budgeting app will do that.

I don't plan my life goals, but I orient myself toward them and set sails to take me in the direction I need to go.

Sometimes I have to plan meticulously during the journey, this is often for the shorter term. The general direction remain unchanged.

Columbus is a great example. He did not have an exact plan as he began his voyage. All he had was an idea and a belief - that the world was round and therefore there had to be a western route to India.

All he needed (and could do) was to pick a direction - WEST.

Did he end up in India - No.
Did he discover new lands - Yes.

We can't exactly plan for where we will end but we can sail West rather than South, East or North.

I took this picture in 1992 while visiting the American west for the first time. I said at the time. "I want to live here one day". I had no idea how, nor a plan. Ten years later I moved here.

So go ahead and set your course.











Can you plan your life
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