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The four other Types of Wealth

We often have a simplistic view of wealth - MONEY.

"How much do you make?" - arrghh...

Who cares..... If anything the more interesting question is:
"How much do you keep? - How much confiscation is built into your paychecks?"

Let's dig deeper and broaden the definition of wealth.

I consider Four other states of Wealth in my personal life and coaching.

Physical Wealth:
Is the big underwriter of all your wealth because how you feel is how you perform.

Aging works against it, but thankfully the body doesn't count years, it just seek to functions the best it can at any given time. You can never win, but you can significantly lower the rent you pay to "aging" and keep your physical wealth for much longer.  

- Listen to your body
- Keep score of your biomarkers (weight, blood sugar/pressure, etc)  
- Maintain muscle mass.
- Maintain cardio.

Mental Wealth:
has several components. Practically, it can be equated to mental fitness - like a muscle to be flexed daily: read, write, interact. Learn new things, ideas, and perspectives. This in turn will maintain or even improve your mind’s speed, fluidity, and intricacy.

Mental wealth is also the long-term accumulation of knowledge, experience, and wisdom and the ability to wrestle with life's tangible and intangible questions. 


- Closely intertwined with your physical wealth.
- Often lives in the shadows and is the most fragile type. Protect it.
- Begin by treating yourself with kindness.
- Tell yourself better stories.
- Choose your surroundings wisely.

Social wealth:
Is governed by our connection and relationship with others as well as our integration into communities. Think of it as a T-shaped web of connectivity – broad and deep. True social wealth requires depth – a few unbreakable social bonds.

Social wealth is built by investing time and effort into individuals and communities alike while cultivating mentors, allies, friendships, and partners. 


- It is the the most valuable because your network is your net worth.
- We are all in this together.
- Loneliness is a form of poverty.
- Invest into your community so that our well does not run dry.
- Social Wealth must be nurtured.

Time Wealth:
When we are young, we are billionaires with it. Then rather slowly the account holding recedes. Meanwhile, our own perception of time passing is a backward looking indicator, all the while we are dealing with a forward exponentially appreciating asset. This trips up many folks as they keep pressing on – wealth increases, but time wanes.

- Time is the ultimate currency in life.
- It can be traded for other wealth – most often financial.

- it should be managed with a keen awareness of when to stop trading it for dollars.
- Time must be understood. It is cruel, you can love it, but you can't hold it.   

Monetary wealth is nothing but he combined result of all the others. 

Four types of wealth
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