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🔎 FOCUS on recurrent expenses over one time expenses. Tally up recurrent expenses, be they daily weekly or monthly so that they come out to a yearly total.

Now it is easier to compare and go "hmm....." or "What the freak!!!"

🛒 SHOP separately for non-perishable goods like paper towels, detergents, toiletries, pasta sauce etc. Buy in large quantities in turn for volume discounts at vendors like Costo, Walmart or Sam's Club.

Enjoy never running out of toilet paper because you have a 148 roll mountain stacked out in the garage.

✂ SIMPLIFY your finances by using 1 credit card 1 checking account if feasible. Everything possible goes on the credit card for 2% cash back + fraud protection.

Now it is much easier to see where the money goes, including fees or forgotten subscriptions.

⚙ AUTOMATE. When it comes to building a freedom fund or making sure you invest consistently - don't trust habits. Trust auto pilot.

Set and forget via automatic scheduled transfers from your checking account.

👓 READ - Yes - learn about more good habits, mindsets, investments basics, Tax deferrals, good practices and much more.

Money habits
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