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Marriage counselors will likely agree that behind domestic issues often lies financial trouble, or disagreement on the topic.

⛔ Some couples barely talk about the subject.....

⛔ Sometimes one spouse wants to deal with the subject but the other don't.

⛔ Sometimes there is financial infidelity - in which one partner hides financial moves from the other.

⛔ Sometimes money mindsets rooted in culture, upbringing, or personality are starkly different - but this is not recognized or the topic avoided.


A partnership is much more than love and unity:

🔹 It's Couple LLC

This is even more true when starting a family - Kids, daycare, transportation, meals, activities. really are running a business of sorts:
Income/Expenses - Money / Logistics.

At least that's one framework you should use.

I created a Venn Diagram for that:

You can and will have have your differences - it's totally normal.

BUT YOU GOTTA FIND THE MIDDLE - where you become COUPLE LLC and see money as a TOOL - first and foremost.

If you don't have that middle:
✅ Recognize it
✅ Set time aside
✅ Talk it out
✅ Create it.


Venn digram about money and couples
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