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It's 1995 - I am flying across Florida in the dead of night. 











As I approach the destination, an uncontrolled airport - the radio activated runway lights don't activate.

Nothing - just darkness.

Is it a radio failure? is it a navigational error, that has put me out of range?

I need time - to cross check bearings and fix my position.

I am burning 4 gallons every 30 minutes.

Will I have enough fuel - to handle this unexpected situation?

YES - My flight planning has set aside an extra 45 minutes of fuel. Mandated by the FAA for flying at night.

Because stuff happens. No need to crash and burn.

...Same in our personal finance.

Carry an emergency fund, carry extra fuel. 3+ months of living expenses. But you can start smaller.

It will save your soul from headaches, stress and debt.
If interested in the rest read on....

A stronger than expected northerly wind had pushed me 10-15 miles south of target over the preceding 220 miles of flight.

Once I realized the drift, I climbed back up for better reception and headed north along the coast. These were the days before GPS.

Soon I was greeted by the beautiful sight of a fully lit runway at night.

This picture was taken during the flight.

The rigor and discipline of airmanship, easily translates to personal finance.

---- I help you navigate personal finance so that you can live better.


Night flying with emergency fuel
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