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The story behind the story - A look behind the cover.

Writing this book began years ago when I started to scribble down what at first seemed like random ideas and frameworks about life.

No book was planned, just some weird sense of organizing 30 years of aha moments, insights and lessons, spanning 2 continents, career shifts, and multiple businesses.

....The hand written pages just grew and grew. Honestly, it was a holy mess.

Then an emptiness entered my life. I had sold my main business, failed at a retirement business, lost my dad.... Covid.

So I got serious. Pulled myself up and began writing for real.

Page after page with this fictitious, and often annoying reader, guiding me:

"You need to shorten, that" -

"Seriously dude"

"No, no! - that chapter first, then move...."

I still both hate and love her. Her name, my muse, was Lara. My wife remains suspicious, but understanding.

I pulled from 14 years in aviation with its rigor, precision and brevity.

Then 20 years of small business ownership. With its ups/downs, and need to think outside the box, always in the dance.

I pulled from the task (and beauty) of raising a family, with its demands for finance, logistics and budgets.

.....remembering paychecks that couldn't come soon enough.

My scandinavian upbringing too, is quietly weaving through the writing, with its emphasis on simplicity and efficiency.

From my dad, an MD with years in both psychiatry and family practice, I learned about humans, how we model our worlds and how the stories we tell ourselves profoundly affect all domains of our life - mind/body.

A book will never be perfect, but I gave it my best.

Household Finance 101 is about personal finance as it plays out in real life, backed by real lessons. It aims to incorporate the total picture, that goes far beyond numbers.

Household Finance 101
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