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What we can learn from the Vikings

1) They were good at "hive-minding"

This was done through "Altings" (communal roundtables) where every member spoke on equal footing and decisions voted on.

💥Before making important decisions, triangulate between a few trusted sources to get the best course dialed in.

2) They were opportunistic.

They'd farm, trade, and travel (ahem... raid) or sell their skills as mercenaries. Always on the lookout for new lands and new opportunities.

💥 In your business / personal finance, look for multiple income streams. Expand your skills, and offerings. Be and do more than one thing.

3) They were highly organized.

In order to survive long dark winters, food had to be stored and divided up. The same planning went into covering long distances over open water in relatively small boats.

💥 Personal finance is one of those areas in life where you need systems, projections and reserves.











What we can learn from the vikings
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