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A journey toward Financial Independence

Nielsen Financial Counseling helps busy professionals and small business owners create more time by simplifying and organizing their personal finance. An important part of this coaching process is to identify longer-range goals and then align them to a meaningful purpose - so that it all makes sense. I also encourage my clients to pursue financial independence and teach the strategies and frameworks around the topic.

Financial independence is a journey more than a destination, with many incremental steps. I am still traveling and I invite you to come along. Together we can sort out the technicalities and create financial efficiency, work on mindsets, and re-frame how to look at money and investing. Your journey may take months or decades, but you can begin today, gradually reclaiming more and more of our most precious asset, time.

It began with a life-changing insight that occurred over the course of a year when I tended to my cancer-stricken dad, back in my home country of Denmark. That I was able to quit work and spend time, where and when it mattered the most, was when I truly understood the blessing of having freedom over your time - the purest expression of  "financial independence". 

Money is a game you must play. We are all in it. You don't have to love the game but you should study its rules and best practices while learning from great players. Because it makes a big difference over time - for you and those around you.   

Tom Nielsen, Arizona

Meet Tom 

Born and raised in Denmark - living in Arizona since 2002 with my awesome and patient wife, Magali. We raised a family and went through the motions of family logistics and tight household budgets. We hammered away at student loans, while trying to put in a bit for retirement. Payday couldn't come soon enough!  

I was a corporate airline guy for 14 years followed by 20 years of small business ownership, working through all the phases of start-up, management, and sale. My life would have been boring if I'd made all the right moves. Thankfully, I made plenty of mistakes, so I kept learning, and by my mid-40'ties was able to semi-retire.

My formal training is as a commercial pilot and I am also an FAA certified flight instructor. This background in aviation has influenced how I think about money and beyond. For instance, a budget is akin to a fuel calculation, and in many interesting ways, life is like a flight plan with its different phases of flight, change of direction, and weather systems along the way.

Today I help clients create clarity and ease around money – from monthly budgets to long-term life goals. My specialty is to work with professionals and small business owners. 

Short Bio:

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavian airlines 1988-2002 (operations, media, teaching) 
Co-owner, Direct Import 1989-1992 (apparel: import, distribution, sale) 
Danish College of Airline pilots 1997-2000 (CPL, MEIR)
Taxi pilot, various operations 1999-2002 
Moved to Tucson, AZ.  2002-present
Real Estate certification, 2004
Real Estate Investment / management, 3 single-family homes, 2004-present 
Owner, ServiceMaster Franchise 2003-2013
Owner, Oro Valley Carpet cleaning 2013-2020

Co-founder, Psychotherapy practice 2015-present
Owner / Flight Instructor, Arizona Sky Surfing 2016-2020 

Owner Nielsen Financial Counseling, 2022-present


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