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Health is Wealth







It is hard to talk about money, time, and wealth, without addressing health.

… Health writes our biggest checks – behind the scenes, rarely noticed or appreciated.

Over time, I've noticed a "somewhat" correlation between someone being good with money and being good with one's health.

Heck, where is the correlation?

Management! .... a rough plan, a few principles. Nothing more than dialing in the "machinery" as we go along.

Hmm, that sounds a bit clerical and procedural - what happened to just living and enjoying life… you party pooper.

But that is exactly the point - live life, have passion, and be able to do what you love for as long as possible.

Tell me – What are 3, 5, or 10 extra years of "health-span" worth?
Does the value of time not increase as its account holding recedes?

Now, this is obviously a huge subject. But can we really plan for wealth if not for health?

Sure, it is all probability - man plans, God laughs as the saying goes, but why not take the aim? What is there to lose?

Ok, you may ask - give me some low-hanging fruits.


🔸 Spend time in nature.
🔸 Seek connections and friendships.
🔸 Keep learning skills.
🔸 Move a lot.
🔸 Avoid processed foods. (like the plaque)
🔸 Reduce sugar, carbs, and alcohol.
🔸 Give the body 12-16 hours to digest between meals.
🔸 Keep muscle mass / keep flexibility.

Every 1/2 decade you ramp up a bit aiming to keep the usual suspects in place:  weight, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

The body doesn’t know age. It just acts its given condition.

You are in charge - this is the best Return on Investment you will ever be afforded.

Health is wealth.

Health is Wealth
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