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Clarity and direction in money matters.

Money is no longer left on the table.

Feeling good about

savings & retirement.  

A long-term plan that makes sense to you.

Optimized business and personal finances.

A sound budget that makes sense. 

Staying on top of your

personal finance.

On the journey toward financial independence.

Debt-free with more time on your hands.  

Individual sessions, Nielsen Financial Counseling

Individual Sessions

Discovery Program, Nielsen Financial Counseling

Discovery Program

Book free call, Nielsen Financial Counseling
Annual Check-up, Nielsen Financial Counseling

Annual Check-up

Money Fit Program by Nielsen Financial Counseling

Money Fit Programs


What They Say

Jeanine Keays
Tucson,AZ, Feb 2022

A Few weeks ago I was counseled by Tom Nielsen  in order to improve my financial situation. Many suggestions were helpful, especially the focus on paying off high interest credit cards quickly. This freed up money to address some other issues. Today I am in a much better position. Tom's guidance was extremely motivating and helpful. 

Shannon Schilling,  Business owner
Tucson AZ, Nov 2022

Tom's guidance was a great help with my initial business start-up and later crafting a 10-year plan. Thank you Tom!     

Susan & Jeff 
Tucson, AZ, May 2022

Tom was instrumental in straightening out our finances after a job loss. We  Highly recommend his company !

Maureen, Psychotherapist
Denver, CO, Jan 2023

Tom from Nielsen Counseling,  helped my practice become more efficient. His advice to meet with a CPA to verify if an s-corp would make sense, made a huge difference in how much I can save up for retirement, while minimizing taxes. 

Angelica Hernandez 
Phoenix, AZ, May 2022

Had great help transitioning into social security which lowered my income. Tom was recommended by my sister as someone smart with finances. That proved to be a life saver. Thanks Sis! 

Michael, Business owner, 
Tucson, AZ, Feb 2023

Tom helped me establish a four year plan to boost my retirement income. He understand what needs to be addressed and  then refers to the right specialist - stuff you are too busy to deal with, but makes a big difference..    

Claude Jeppsen 
Oro Valley, AZ, Jul 2022

Tom's service was recommended by a client of mine. I needed help organizing my money - ok, to be honest, my spending ;-)  Long story short, I am now up and running with a custom made budget. I just feel much better about the whole thing. Thanks !

Sean Apperson, Business owner, 
Tucson, AZ, DEC 2022

I received excellent guidance from Nielsen Financial Counseling in helping me with my business start-up. Very helpful in setting out clear goals and plans to achieve success. I now have a long-term business plan to achieve growth and sustainability.    

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